I’m More Qualified Than McCain….

Ignore for a second that McCain “suspending” his campaign is a blatant political stunt.

Ignore for a second that neither he nor Obama are on the Financial Services Committee, and hence would not able to be involved at all in coming up with a plan for a bail-out.

Yes, let’s pretend that we’re one of those voters who has zero understanding of how the Senate actually operates, and therefore might be buying this whole “hero rides in to save the day” bullshit.

What about the bailout itself? McCain, in an interview on Tuesday, admitted that he wasn’t familiar with Secretary Paulson’s plan, because he “hadn’t seen it in writing.”

Dude — Paulson’s plan was released to the web on Friday the 19th. The New York Times published it in full on Sunday the 21st. It’s like THREE PAGES LONG.

McCain hadn’t seen it by Tuesday?

I saw it on Friday. I guess that means I’m more qualified to solve this problem….

Please — if you know anybody who might be falling for this stunt — point this stuff out to them.

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