Let ‘Em Fail

Huh. Odd that the House Republicans decide to re-discover their fiscal and small-government conservatism NOW, after giving the Bush Junta a blank check for the past 8 years.

I’m glad the bailout didn’t pass — it was a shit sandwich. And the toothless ‘protections’ the spineless Dems added to it didn’t change that — a shit sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato is just as inedible.

Personally? I hope that there’s no bailout at all — let the banks fail. Yes, it will cause a massive recession — perhaps even a depression. But there’s got to be some kind of drastic shock treatment to get us out of the “live for today, and stick our kids with the bill tomorrow” mindset we’ve been in for 25 years now. The US has been living outside its means, folks — borrowed prosperity isn’t sustainable. A depression might just snap us out if it — and may even (*gasp!* shock! horror!) get us looking at other economic models more in line with the times.

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