iTunes Update

Thanks to , who pointed me towards iPod.iTunes, the problem is now solved.

Of course, this is after I tried Yamipod (for free) — only to discover that it offers full function on Linux and PC, but not Mac. Sure – why offer full functionality on the OS that iTunes and the iPod were originally designed on? That’s crazy-talk!

I also tried iPodRip ($20 for full version, only to have it freeze up on me whenever I tried anything — email in to support, in the vain attempt to get a solution or a refund), and Senuti (another 20 bucks — only to find that while it does handle playlists, you have to import them one at a time, manually.)

To my fellow Mac users: Seriously. Grab a copy of iPod.iTunes ASAP. It’s brilliant. Not only for recovery purposes, but for a helluva lot more (including the fact that if you use it to sync, instead of iTunes, it won’t overwrite the iPod — which means no deleted files. It’ll just add the new stuff). I can’t say enough good things about it.

Thanks to everyone who suggested solutions, and especially to , for pointing me in the right direction.

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