Amanda Palmer’s song to her label

As I reported back in December, Amanda Palmer has had enough bullshit from her label (Roadrunner Records), and desperately wants them to drop her — which bizarrely they’re refusing to do.

The latest installment in the saga — at a recent show in Ft. Lauderdale, she debuted a new song, dedicated to Roadrunner Records:


Battlestar Finale

(…and no, this isn’t an “April Fools” post. To save you aggravation, I won’t be doing any of those. I’m sure you have enough “hilarious” material filling your day as it is. Take a deep breath. This too shall pass.)

The folks over at SFSignal asked various SF/F types their opinions regarding the BSG finale. All worth reading, although my absolute, hands-down favorite is the first response, by SF writer Chris Robeson.

The money quote:

“…a trainwreck wrapped inside a clusterfuck topped with a healthy splash of ‘Fuck the audience.'”

In addition to that brilliant bit of snark, he nails my opinion regarding the entire series — that it was pretty good at first, but seriously came off the rails right around the time of the New Caprica storyline (an opinion which is echoed by several other respondees — all of the responses are worth checking out).