WOTC LawyerTron 5000, At It Again….

Wizards of the Coast have pulled all of their PDF products from RPGNow and DriveThru. (Link to ENworld thread. Also being discussed at RPGnet)

Speaking as somebody whose entire income is largely dependent on my PDF sales, this fucking pisses me off.

According to my data on RPGNow and DriveThru, a large chunk of my sales come from multi-product orders which include WOTC products. Now, with WOTC making this decision, those orders won’t be there, because those customers won’t be there.

The last fucking thing that I, or any other publisher or vendor on the PDF side of the industry needed right now is a massive drop in sales. Thanks, WOTC.

Seriously. Can somebody over there unplug the LawyerTron 5000? Between this and the dazzling corporate bullshit of the GSL, it’s like they’re *trying* to torpedo what’s left of this pathetic industry.

Reader Request Week

I’m shamlessly stealing taking a page from Scalzi’s blog, and opening things up for “reader request week”, in which you suggest topics, and I answer them.

Interested participants should post in the comments of this post. Any topic or question whatsoever. I’ll pick the ones that I like best as subjects for posts made between now and next Tuesday (I leave for GTS on Wednesday).

Suggest away!

[Writing Group] Getting Things Going

OK — now that I’ve dug through the pile on my desk enough…. Let’s start getting the details of this thing set up.

First off: The group has been whittled down to:

  • Yours Truly.
  • (Laura Hanson Skarka)
  • (Aaron Rosenberg)
  • (Dave Gross)

Everyone else was trimmed for various reasons — lack of follow-up, statements of time concerns, etc. So, right now, it’s just the four of us. I know that Dave mentioned that he knows of a couple of others who might be interested, especially if we keep it private (which I have no problems with — I’m more interested in the regular deadline and critique that a group offers). So I figured I’d through this out there — does anyone have any other suggestions for membership?

The next thing we need to do is set up the overall schedule and format — when stuff is turned in, by whom, where we discuss, etc. I like the idea of the private LJ group, since the comments format is a nice threading tool. Any other suggestions are welcome here.

Over to you….