Trek Ego-Boo

I picked up Star Trek: Vanguard – Open Secrets, the latest novel in the series (best described as “DS9 in the Original Series era”). I’m checking out the author’s acknowledgements, where I’m chuffed as hell to note my name listed, along with the other contributing authors on The Way of Kohlinar, the Vulcan sourcebook for Last Unicorns’ Trek RPG about 10 years back.

The author, Dayton Ward, used some of the cultural bits as fodder for his story, and felt the need to thank us by name. It’s quite a nice surprise, especially since some of my stuff from that book also appeared in the Enterprise fourth-season episodes “The Forge”, “Awakening” and “Kir’Shara”, set on Vulcan — with, of course, no credit given (The problem with contract work, sadly, but one you’re aware of going in).

So, doubly nice to see a tip of the hat and some recognition of one’s contributions.

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