Pathfinder sells out of first print run!

As a licensee, I was quite pleased to hear Paizo announce that the first print run of the Pathfinder RPG core rulebook as sold out via pre-orders, 10 days before the actual release.

I know that the run was of significant size, and that they had been estimating that it would be large enough to cover orders through the end of the year…. and it only covered the initial orders from distributors, plus the copies they’re bringing to GenCon.


This makes me VERY glad that I’ve decided to have Adamant release Pathfinder-licensed products (starting with Tome of Secrets, which we’re also releasing at GenCon). I’m not kidding myself that every Pathfinder customer will purchase third-party support… but if even a small percentage does… well, a small percentage of a HUGE number is still pretty big.

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