GenCon for the Aspiring Professional

Jess Hartley has put out a 16-page PDF article, “GenCon For the Aspiring Professional,” which details tips and suggestions for folks looking to use the largest convention as a venue to break into the industry.

The tips offered are solid, and well worth reading.

The only thing that I would suggest as an addition is that I don’t think GenCon is the best venue — I think that the GAMA Trade Show (GTS), held in the Spring in Las Vegas, is far, far better. The publishers are far less busy, the show (and its after-hours socialization) is far more centralized, you’re not likely to be just another face in a sea of thousands that the publisher has spoken to that day, and, perhaps most importantly, going out of your way to attend a trade show (rather than a gamer-focused convention) sends a message about your professionalism and seriousness — you’ve made the trip to specifically talk business, rather than squeezing business talk in between slots where you’re shopping or gaming.

GenCon is a more “target rich environment” — but I would argue that you get more face time, and get taken more seriously, at GTS.

Something to consider.

Either way, read the PDF.

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