Friday Music

Hey there, Kats n’ Kittens — another weekly mixtape of ‘teh intarwebs’ for ya:

First, one of the tracks that featured in Emilie Autumn’s show this week — a remix she had featured on the soundtrack to Saw IV, which I will now forever associate with fire-hoop dancing: Emilie Autumn – “Dead Is The New Alive (Manipulator Mix)”

Here’s a bit of a rare gem — an unreleased track from Muse, taken from (I believe) their sessions from The Resistance. The Internet is a wondrous thing, neh? Muse – “Soaked (unreleased).”

Love this — a roots-music/folk/alterna-pop act called The Wailin’ Jennies do a brilliant cover of an Emylou Harris classic. Even better, this is a live recording, giving a clear picture of just how good they are: The Wailin’ Jennies – “Deeper Well.”

Pomplamoose have a new cover song out on YouTube — their version of MJ’s “Beat It.” After you’ve done watching, click here to download the mp3, which the band has made available via mediafire: Pomplamoose – “Beat It.”

Here’s a bit of the new hotness in the South African electro scene. It’s been growing on me the more I listen to it. Popskarr – “Tonight.”

The local “alternative” station does a show at lunchtime called “The 90s at Noon”, and this week, during one of my rare forays into radio listenership, I heard them play “Angry Johnny” by Poe. Whereas I loved that song, you still hear it from time to time — but you almost never hear her other single from the same album, which I loved even more: Poe – “Trigger Happy Jack (Radio Edit)”

Watching the news this morning — seeing the stories from Fort Hood, pictures of the lunatics that the GOP brought to Capitol Hill for yet another anti-Obama protest, and stories about the wars we’re still in nearly a decade on… I needed to hear this song. I think it’s worth spreading around. Elvis Costello & The Attractions – “What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love and Understanding.”

Listening to Costello from that period always leads me to think of this track from Marshall Crenshaw from around the same time, who was very much of the same ilk, and whom I was convinced would be equally big. Marshall Crenshaw – “Someday, Someway.”

There you go. If a link gives you trouble, try copy-and-paste — some of these are pulled from flash players and sometimes they don’t like hotlinking, but a C&P usually gets around that.

Enjoy, and I’ll see you for more next week.

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