Follow-up to Yesterday’s Case Study

One of the guys who publishes Diaspora posted this on the original RPGnet thread, summarizing their view on the subject:

“Sales are not of principle interest to us though they are, certainly, interesting. Well, sales-as-revenue that is. Sales themselves, absent the revenue, indicate interest and approval of our work, and THAT we care about. In a sense that means finding clever ways to maximize sales are in fact in opposition to our interest (they blur the metric).


*blink blink*

Tell me I’m reading that correctly. It almost looks to me like they’re saying that to them, sales are only interesting in the abstract, as an indicator of approval… to the point where they feel that maximizing sales (and let’s be clear here — we’re talking about giving customers what they’re asking for) is a Bad Thing… because it blurs the metric.


I’m not even going to bother to ask about this on the thread. People appear to have swallowed that with no difficulty, which has rendered me absolutely gobsmacked.

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