Health Care Solution

I haven’t been posting about the “progress” that’s been made on Health Care reform efforts… Just sitting here, with each passing day, watching the hope I had during the last election bleed out onto the floor.

Here’s a brilliant thought, though. A post from Cenk Uygur which advocates ignoring the current bill (letting it die), and instead simply using a reconciliation vote to pass a law that opens Medicare to anyone who wants to buy in, regardless of age.

*Bam* Problem solved.

The influx of people buying in to Medicare would immediately solve its solvency issues. The threat to their business model would force insurance companies to lower premiums, stop the whole “pre-existing conditions” nonsense, etc., to remain competitive with Medicare, and prevent people from abandoning them.

The Republicans (and Conservative Democrats) can’t argue against Medicare, or they’ll doom themselves to political oblivion.

A simple 51-vote majority, and it’s done — doing more than the current bill would do, without all of the byzantine loopholes and special-interest crap. A simple law — remove the age restriction on Medicare, and allow anyone who wants it to buy in.

Now, how do we push this idea?

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