Um, yeah.

Lawrence got “between 4 and 10 inches” — nobody’s quite sure, because 40 mph winds blew everything around, leading to areas like on our lawn where you can see patches of grass sticking up through the snow, sitting next to 4-foot-high snow drifts.

It’s still snowing, and blowing. Expecting another 2 inches tonight, maybe another inch tomorrow before we’re done.

Everybody here is snug and safe — we’re going to eat our WHO FEAST within an hour or so — waiting for side dishes to finish — Turkey(s) (not Roast Beast) are done. (We have 2 12-pounders, since the store was out of larger birds, and we have 5 hungry people here, a couple of which are teenagers.) Probably watch Doctor Who – The End of Time, Pt. 1 later this evening (Yes, I already have it — this is me we’re talking about).

Laura’s family postponed Christmas gathering due to the roads — although I’m not sure we’re going to be able to dig out and go tomorrow, either (no plowing yet around us — although Ian did a stalwart job of semi-clearing the driveway).

Anyway — Loot summary over the next couple of days . I’ve got feasting to do. (Both turkey this evening, and footy tomorrow, during the Boxing Day matches!)

Gawrblezzus, evrywun.

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