Friday Music

Not a lot this week, due to the usual busybusy.

The World Cup starts next week, and I haven’t really heard any Cup anthems yet. I have, however, found a track that already has come to represent the cup in my head. I discovered this past week that one of my favorite artists, Johnny Clegg, released an album in 2007 that I had completely missed. So, I picked it up, and discovered this track — which he had written for the South African rugby team. It applies just as well to the Cup, and I’ve been playing it incessantly. “Jongosi” literally means “strong young ox”, and is an idiom for “young warriors” — and now most often applied to athletes. The refrain: Hayi Wemajongosi (Hey, young warriors) Azovimba phambili (They will overcome all challenges ahead). Johnny Clegg – “Jongosi.”

One of my favorite 80s tracks, reimagined by the songwriter. I actually like this acoustic version better than the original — this is taken from Men At Work frontman Colin Hay’s solo album, Man @ Work — Colin Hay – “Overkill (acoustic version).”

After being introduced to Kula Shaker, the English neo-psychedelia band by their single “Tattva”, I went out and grabbed their debut album, “K” in 1996. This track from the album quickly became one of my favorites: Kula Shaker- “Govinda.”

Lastly, a kick-ass mash-up, combining three seminal sounds — the drum loop from Run DMC’s “Walk This Way”, the guitar riff from Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”, and vocals by James Brown: Fissunix – “Whole Sex Lotta Machine – The Drumloop, The Guitar Riff, The SuperBad.”

Sorry for the short one this week. More later.

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