Update Post is Updatey

Stumbled a bit in the attempt at daily blogging. I need to get back in the habit.

BBC America posted their interview piece from New York Comic Con — the only bit of me that made it in was a quote that starts at about 53 seconds or so. Embedderation:

….which provides as good a segue as any that you should watch Sherlock when it debuts on PBS here in the US on the 24th, assuming that you haven’t already viewed it by other means. (Brief aside: Attention networks, this is why delays in airing are STUPID. Your most motivated viewers can watch it the same day it originally airs. Isn’t that an audience that you want to encourage, rather than annoy?)

As I announced earlier via various social media platforms, I will not be making it to World Fantasy Con in Columbus next week, despite initial plans. Parental duties beckon, and so I’ll be staying at home — fear not, however, as the lovely and talented Laura will be there to provide the venue with at least a modicum of Skarkacity.

A conversation with a friend yesterday regarding the state of the tabletop games industry and hobby distilled some thoughts for me — I think that I’m going to work said thoughts up into a proper blog post for tomorrow (which, I suppose, will provide a nice excuse for hue and cry upon the various internet fora through the weekend for those so inclined).