Making the Negative Brand Work….

In the comments of the previous entry, Eddy Webb asked:

“Have you given any serious thoughts on ways you can take this toxic GMS brand and convert it into something that’s useful for your business?”

I said at the time that I hadn’t — I think that I’m too close to the issue, and I can’t figure out how that would work.


A thought occurs to me. Imagine this: I put up a Kickstarter Project: Announce that if I can raise 25K in 30 days, I’ll leave the industry for good, never to look back — no releasing product, no posting on forums, nada. Then, I go to all of the hives of GMS-hate and advertise the offer. Offer incentives, like T-shirts for a certain level of funding that say “I Drove GMS Out of Gaming” or something equally triumphalist.

If it works, I’ve got 25K to cover me for a few months while I transition Adamant to other things. :)





(….and for the record, NO, I’m not serious. For one, I’ve still got stuff I want to release, even if it’s only as part of a more widely-focused effort. For the other, I doubt it would work, since the Haters talk a good game, but would never pony up. Amusing to contemplate, though….)