Indie Publishing Data Points

Some related data points, for your consideration:

Amazon to start selling Kindles via AT&T stores. An additional 2000 retail outlets, nation-wide, on top of Best Buy, Target, Staples (and of course the main site).

Rumor circulating that Amazon might start offering a Kindle free to Amazon Prime members. The razor/blade model — here’s the device, since we know we’ll make money on what you purchase to fill it.

26-year-old Amanda Hocking, top selling indie author on Kindle — on pace to make $1 MILLION this year. 100K units per month, priced between 99 cents and 2.99, of which she keeps 70%.

As the first line of the last linked article says: Welcome to disruption.

…and this is exactly the sort of thing that I’ll be covering in my forthcoming podcast, Insurgent Creative, which will launch in April. (was originally going to be March, but I’ve got a house to move in the coming 30 days, and doubt my ability to do both).

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