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A bit late in the day, but I figured I’d mark a week of regular blog updates with a Friday Music entry. Didn’t post earlier because I had a lunch appointment downtown (much discussion of creative endeavors — podcasts, webseries, etc. — but more on that as it develops), so the theme of today’s entry is the music that came up on my iPod as I walked there and back:

First up, the lead single from the Beastie Boys’ new album, Hot Sauce Committee, Part 2. I love this — they’re back after Adam Yauch’s successful fight against Cancer, and jump right back in with some serious booty-shakin’ old-school NYC hip-hop: The Beastie Boys – “Make Some Noise.”

Trip-tastic sub-Zeppelin cosmic rock from an almost-was of the 1980s: Zebra – “Who’s Behind The Door.”

As I listened to this one, I thought Dotta Numba Two would really like this — not just to listen, but maybe to perform, as it sits pretty well within both her vocal range and her post-punk style: The Primitives – “Crash.”

My all-time favorite track from the former lead singer of Roxy Music, often overlooked in favor of his sappier ballads like “Slave to Love.” Bryan Ferry – “Sensation.”

You know when you’re walking, and you start to unconsciously match your stride to the beat? This song is a bit difficult for someone my size to walk to — I found myself almost breaking into a jog. :) Prince – “Delirious.”

The ballad “single” from the fake 80s metal band that featured in Mark Wahlberg’s film “Rock Star” — Steel Dragon – “We All Die Young.”

Still remains the best thing that Latifah ever did — and features the absolutely amazing Monie Love, who I wanted to hear much, much more from. Queen Latifah – “Ladies’ First (feat. Monie Love).”

So there you go. Enjoy!

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  1. And I say again, I remain grateful that you do this. It’s put me on to some great stuff that’s kept me company over the years.

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