Insurgent Creative: CreateSpace Oddity

createspaceOdd. CreateSpace (owned by Amazon, and which I first covered in the original Insurgent Creative posts here ) is discontuing distribution of MP3 albums through Amazon. Not a huge problem, since TuneCore, which Adamant is also signed up for (and handles our iTunes distribution) also does Amazon, but it’s really fucking strange.

The only information coming from CreateSpace about it, via email and in the “help” section of their website, is:Insurgent Creative

“We are constantly evaluating our service catalog and have decided to discontinue support for MP3 as we work to provide our customers with the most cost effective and valuable services.

Only the MP3 offering will be discontinued. We’ll continue to support the programs for:
• CDs
• DVDs
• Amazon Instant Video
• Paperback books”

Like I said — strange, because putting digital files up for sale requires less work on their part than CDs, DVDs, and Books. It’s like: “You know that store that we’re owned by? You won’t be available there any more.” Makes me wonder what’s up… and what’s coming.

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