#RPGaDay2015: Day 7

rpg-a-day-2015Welcome to Day 7 of #RPGaDay2015! Today’s subject under discussion: Favorite Free RPG. There are a TON to choose from these days, ranging from System Resource Documents of Open systems (D&D Basic, Pathfinder, FATE, etc.) to DIY Indie projects, to less-than-official PDFs of long-out-of-print games from defunct companies, etc.

D6coverFor my choice, I’m going to go with a commercial game that is now available for free in it’s complete form — so not a beta playtest version, or an SRD, but a game that used to be for sale, and is now available at no cost. It’s hard to find one out there that is better than the complete D6 System from West End Games. The game system that powered the phenomenal Star Wars Role-playing Game is freely available in it’s most recent form — the entire line! Three different core genre books: D6 Adventure, D6 Fantasy and D6 Space, as well as every supplemental release that West End did for it. All for free, at the link I just provided. Go grab it NOW. What’s even better — the entire system has been declared an Open system, which means that you can design and publish your own D6 products.

So that’s my choice. Let’s check in with Dave Chapman, and his special guest Anita Murray, for today’s video entry!

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