#RPGaDay2015, Day 30

rpg-a-day-2015Today’s topic is Favorite RPG Playing Celebrity.

This question used to be a bigger deal than it is now. If you’ll excuse a bit of old-man-cane-shaking-“back-in-MY-day”-ism, for most of my gaming life, we had no idea if any celebrities played, and would eagerly share even the slightest rumor that somebody famous shared our hobby.

Today, though, when people like Vin Diesel posts pictures of the D&D-themed cake he had for his 48th birthday, and Oscar-winners like Anne Hathaway gives a shout-out to Cards Against Humanity in a red carpet interview, well, we’re in a Brave New World, kids.

I have to say, though, that the celebrity gamer that I’ve loved the most, since the earliest rumors of his involvement, has to be the late Robin Williams, who was a big-time Warhammer player (pictured here at a store in the Bay Area).

Here is Dave Chapman’s video:

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