30 Day Song Challenge, Days 1-3

This meaningless bit of fun was intended as a Facebook thing (and that’s where I discovered it) — but I’ve been looking to make more use of my blog, so I decided that for this “30 Day Song Challenge,” I’ll put the entries up here, and just link to them on social media.

Anyway, I’m a massive music nerd, so this should be fun for me, if nothing else.

Obviously, I missed the first two days of January, so this entry is my catch-up, where I’ll be answering the first three challenges.

First: A song by fave PUNK ROCK band.
I don’t know if they qualify as my favorite punk band, but this is definitely one of my favorite punk songs, so I’ll go with that:

Second: A favorite song by a BRITISH INVASION group.
I’ll assume that they mean the first British Invasion of the 60s, and not the second British Invasion of the MTV-era 80s. I’m not going to go with the obvious choice of the Beatles or the Rolling Stones (although I like songs by both), but rather a true favorite of mine:

Third: Your favorite DISCO or FUNK song.
ARGH! I have favorites in both categories! Damn it. Guess I’ll have to choose one. Funk it is, then.

OK, now I’m caught up. I’ll be posting a new one of these every day, for the rest of the month.

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