RPGaDay2018, Day 15: Describe a Tricky RPG Experience You Enjoyed.

I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure what “tricky” means, in this context.

I’ll go with “challenging” — At GenCon 1992, there was a homebrew “Twin Peaks” event on the schedule. This was right after the second season ended (not to return for nearly 30 years), on a cliffhanger which featured Agent Cooper apparently possessed by “Bob.”

So it turns out that the event was, essentially, a systemless LARP — run as a direct continuation, and was a helluva lot of fun. The GM had me play Possessed Cooper. Another guy played the True Cooper, trying to escape the Black Lodge. About halfway through the event, that guy and I had an idea. We pulled the GM aside, and got clearance from him, and he loved it.

We figured that if this was on TV, both of us would be played by Kyle MacLachlan — but in the LARP, people knew that I was Possessed Cooper, and the other guy was True Cooper.

So we switched roles, without telling anyone. Just clues in how we played.

And we pulled it off. It was a lot of fun, and one of the most rewarding game experiences I’ve ever had as a player.


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