News: Good, Bad and Strange

Good: Got the news yesterday that our rental application was approved, and we finally have a place to live in Lawrence when we move at the end of July. Those of you who need the address can email me, and I’ll provide it. Nice looking place, too–Laura’s sister visited the property for us, and took pictures, which she emailed to us. Technology is neat.

So, as of August 1st, we’ll be living in a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse, with a fireplace and a 2-car garage.

Bad: Had to go to the doctors on Tuesday, because I was spitting up blood. (FUN!) Turns out that I appear to have what is called a hiatal hernia, which is when a portion of the upper part of the stomach pops up through the diaphragm. That upper part continues to produce stomach acids, which, given that they’re above the diaphragm, can go nowhere, and end up causing burn damage to the lining and to esophagus. So, I’ve been given a couple of perscriptions, and blood tests and such, and told to “take it easy”–apparently the condition can be brought about by high stress. Yeah. None of that going on around here….

Strange: A headless body has been found near Castle Frankenstein. You’d think that any family member involved in reviving the old research would do it someplace less obvious….


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