Gradually Settling In…

OK. So now I’ve got the DSL connection up and running (after spending three hours on the phone with SBC’s tech support folks, during which time I figured out how to fix the problem myself. Mac users get the short end of the stick, support-wise, don’t we?).

Still gradually unpacking. Most of my stuff is still in boxes in the garage, waiting for me to have a few spare hours to assemble shelves in my office, and then a few more spare hours to unpack a metric assload of books onto said shelves.

In the meantime, those spare hours are not materializing, due to MAJOR deadlines for two seperate game companies, both of which need their stuff by the end of August.

Laura and I found out this week that we’ll be working at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival this season. We didn’t make the auditions for performers (since we were in Jersey), but we’ll be working at the booth for our good friend, Ruth Thompson. If you’ve been to any large gaming conventions or Renaissance Festivals or SCA events, or get the Franklin Mint Catalog, or buy clothes at Hot Topic, you’ve seen Ruth’s artwork. She’s been a friend of ours for years, and she asked if we’d be willing to help her run her shop at KCRF this year, to which we readily agreed.

Last thought: All of this freelance writing has gotten me thinking that it’s time for me to design another full RPG. It’s been 3 years since my last original game design (UnderWorld), and I’m definitely getting the itch to do something. The question is: which one of the dozens of ideas do I go with? Watch here for more developments.


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