Party like it’s 1986

Work proceeds apace on Heroes of the New Wave (see link a couple of entries down). I’ve been perusing some of the gems of 80s RPG design (Gangbusters, Chill (the original Pacesetter boxed set),James Bond 007 and I’ve managed to track down a copy of Danger International which hopefully will be on its way soon), and have spending lots of time reliving my teenage years at sites like The Eighties Club (probably the best general 80s site I’ve found…not too pretty, but LOADED with information).

It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m jazzed about the project like I haven’t been about anything else for a long while.

So there is something to be said for sad thirty-something nostalgia.

Question of the Day: Should I do a design column for HNW? I had fun doing one for UnderWorld–feedback with fans helps keep my enthusiasm level up. I suppose I could do it on RPGnet (although I’m not sure if anyone reads columns there any more), or I could just start a new blog, and link to the Adamant forum at the Forge for comments. Drop me an email with your opinion. I’m interested in hearing other folks’ take on this.


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