Glub glub…


Yesterday. Working the KCRF for Ruth Thompson (see last post). 10:00 a.m. The opening cannon sounds, announcing the beginning of the 2003 KCRF season…and the rain starts.


Hasn’t yet, in fact. I mean, it’s a good thing, I guess–the KC area was in a drought since about June, from what I understand, and for the month I’ve been back, we’ve had temps in the 100s and humidity in the low 30s. It’s been hot as hell, and so dry that your eyeballs feel like somebody is sucking the liquid out of them when you go outside. So rain, in that perspective is a welcome thing. It’s knocked the temperature down to the 70s, for example.

However, when you’re working on commission in a sales booth, it sucks to have the opening day filled with rain—it kept all but the fanatics away, and even some of those stayed home. We were slooooooooow all day. Not a lot of money made.

Made even worse by driving (in the rain, which still hasn’t stopped) the 20+ miles out there this morning, only to be told upon arrival that they’ve cancelled the entire day today because the grounds are so treacherous–too many hills turned into muddy rivers. So, on the plus side, I get an unexpected day off, which allows me to catch up on some writing.

On the minus side, though, an entire day of sales is gone. Bleah.

We’re supposed to dry out tomorrow, though, and it’s Labor Day, so hopefully people will come out.

Listening to the sounds of rain, blowing hard against the window of my office…


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