Cynical Conspiracy Theory #403

1) EN World announces yesterday that due to huge debts, their hosting service is pulling the plug. The site is going away.

2) Frantic EN Worlders, spearheaded by a few D20 publishers, set up a donation system to cover the debt.

3) A little bit over 24 hours later, the donations have raised over 16 THOUSAND DOLLARS…over 10 times the amount of the outstanding debt to the server host.

4) This evening, RPGnet apparently has gone offline….



Pirates n’ Monkeys

Just a quick update: Island of the Damned, the free pdf adventure that I did for Skull & Bones just went up on the Green Ronin site. It’s a promo for Buccaneers & Bokor, the bi-monthly pdf ezine for S&B that I’m currently finishing layout on (it’s available via RPGNow on Friday).

Check it out, and meet Captain Bobo.