So, my Adamant Entertainment site is down, and appears to be messing with my email as well. I figured that I’d post a notice here that if you’re trying to reach me, and you haven’t heard back from me, this is probably why.

Of course, all of the sites hosted and run by my webmaster are down, which includes his personal site, Ron Edwards’ Sorcerer RPG site, and The Forge as well….and since the only way I have of reaching him is by an email address from his personal site (which, again, is down), I have NO FRIGGIN’ IDEA if he’s even getting my messages.

Perfect timing for my site to go down as well–I’ve got a book that just shipped to game stores and mass-market bookstores across the world (Skull & Bones) which directs people to the Adamant site for information regarding support products, and I’m supposed to have the first preview PDF go up this week. GREAT. Just fucking great.

Right. Well, nothing to do but write….