Moon Over Washington

OK…this is deepy weird, definitely disturbing….and naturally, being completely ignored by the corporate media.

At least a dozen congressmen (of both parties) attended a ceremony held in a Senate office building—a fucking *coronation* where whacko cult leader Sun-Myung Moon was declared “humanity’s Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent.” Check the link for an overview, including a list of confirmed attendees…the Moonies claim upwards of 80 members of Congress attended. Salon’s got a more detailed article about it if you want more info.

That’s right kids. Our government offered legitimacy (through the offer of official space to conduct the ceremony, and the fact that congressional big-wigs attended) to this:

But express any opinion that this government might need replacement, and *you’re* the nut-job. Sheesh.

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