Quick Update and Scaremongering

Still largely incommunicado, due to a two-week family visit (my two youngest kids, and my folks). I’ll be back to my normal schedule in mid-July.

That said, this morning I saw that Tom Ridge has warned that Al-Queda is planning large-scale attacks in the US to disrupt the elections.

…and yet, there’s no specific intelligence.

…and they STILL haven’t raised the threat level.

…and it conveniently bumps the Kerry/Edwards post-announcement focus from the news cycle.

What depresses me is that most people are too fucking stupid to see this for what it is.

Mark my words…as we get closer to November, they’re going to be bolder and more direct in their bullshit. Expect to see the nearly explicit statement that a defeat for Bush is what the Terrorists want. “A vote for Kerry is a vote for Al-Queda.” I can smell it coming.

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