If you’ve been trying to reach me by my address, I haven’t received the email. I’m in the midst of happy-fun-joy, switching the site over to a new host, and due to some stump-fuckingly stupid moves in the previous arrangement, getting DNS switched has been a chore, and I also lost access to the email until the switch is complete. So, if you’re waiting on a response, you should probably post something to the comments below, or use one of my other addresses (if you know one).

…and now, we wait for the change to propagate….

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  1. Hey Gareth..I tried to join up at the PZ to be supportive to what was happening to you and I walked straight into a flipping mine field.

    I don’t know what the deal was or their reasoning but they chose the approach they did I am not disputing it here. Its already a done deal anyways.

    Oh well…I hope you are doing well and keep in touch if you like. I have a blog as well now feel free if you like to post there from time to time.

    Hasta manana,

    Chris M

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