Gaming in Middle-Earth

Got together this weekend, and made characters for what will hopefully be my first regular gaming campaign in far too long. I’m running Decipher’s all-but-officially-abandoned Lord of the Rings RPG. I’m setting my chronicle, called “The Third Shadow”, about 50 years into the Fourth Age, involving the rise of a new evil. As far as characters go, I’m looking at a Gondorian noble, an Elven shipwright, a Dwarven warrior, an Elven warrior, a Hobbit rogue, a Rohirrim woman looking to become a Ranger, and an Elven minstrel. Should be fun.

By the way, for my players especially, but anyone who might be interested: Check out “The Hall of Fire”–a fan-produced ezine of LOTR RPG support, in pdf format. Looks to be some interesting stuff in it.

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