Student Jailed for Writing Horror Story

Click the link, read the story, and get angry.

Short version: A Kentucky high school student has been arrested (For real–in jail, multi-thousand dollar bail set) for writing a horror story about zombies overrunning a high school. The police allege that because “a school” was mentioned in the story (not the school the kid goes to, though, or any faculty, or any of his fellow students), the kid was making a TERRORST THREAT.

A felony.

For writing a story.

I urge everyone reading this to spread the word about it. Call the Winchester, Kentucky Police Department ((859)745-7403) and log complaints. Contact the SFWA and the HWA and get them involved. Call the ACLU (Kentucky office: 502-581-1181, director Beth Wilson ) and point it out to them. Contact the Kentucky Governor’s office ( Phone: 502) 564-2611 Fax:(502) 564-2517 or via the web) and let him know how you feel about writers being jailed by the government for FICTION.

Every day, this country scares the shit out of me just a little bit more.

(Thanks to Greg Basich for pointing me to this story)

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