In December of this last year, Mediaweek reported that 99 percent of the complaints to the FCC that have led to the new fine structures, legislation moving through Congress regarding “decency”, etc., have been coming from the members of one conservative Christian media watchdog group: The Parent’s Television Council.

One group of puritanical fuckwits, attempting to dictate our culture….and succeeding, because of a sympathetic administration.

So, I figure, why not give ’em a taste of their own medicine?

Checking out the PTC website, I found their contact information. Including this phone number: 213.629.9255

Imagine what would happen if each of us decided to call that number, once a day, and politely request that they stop their efforts to move our nation further down the road to Theocracy.

Now imagine that this became a meme….spreading via the internet to thousands of people, all of whom called, once a day…..

It’s gotta start somewhere, people.

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  1. They were on NPR about a month ago and some of their monitors said they actually did like to watch some of the programs they monitored and reported.

    I think it is an excellent idea to call them.

  2. I find these folks sufficiently aggravating that I might actually do it. Though I wonder if they’ll just spin it as "Oh, boy, we’ve really got those heathens scared now! We must be doing something right!" Do people like them even care what people like us think?

  3. Sadly, I think that’s a good point. They might like it that people would pay them attention. And I think they do care what you think, the more riled up you get, the happier they’d be.

    I almost think someone like me would make more of an impact on them. I’m not a “heathen”, I’m a Christian person who thinks that they take it too far. Do they not want their children to be informed? God forbid we teach them important lessons, god forbid they’re exposed to things. I mean they might learn about the world that way and we can’t have that can we?

    I dunno. Every little bit helps, we should all call them.

  4. Maybe I’m just a bastard, but I wasn’t thinking of changing anyone’s mind. I was thinking of thousands of calls a day tying up their phone lines and making it difficult for them.

    Yes it’s harrassment, but isn’t what they’re doing to the rest of the country harrassment as well?

  5. comment

    That comment that was left in my journal caused me some inconvience.
    Because that guy posted a real address they suspended my lj account until it could be deleted.
    Your lj stalker sucks.
    Please let people know that an address posted means an account suspended, if he pulls that crap again.

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