Last Friday, I talked a bit about remixes, and included a link to a pretty nifty one.

I’m thinking of trying my hand at one, actually.

Trent Reznor has provided the entire multi-track recording of the new Nine Inch Nails single, “Bite The Hand That Feeds”, saved in Garageband format (check the 4/15 update). In the attached text file, he writes:

“For quite some time I’ve been interested in the idea of allowing you the ability to tinker around with my tracks – to create remixes, experiment, embellish or destroy what’s there. […]

What I’m giving you in this file is the actual multi-track audio session for “the hand that feeds” in GarageBand format. This is the entire thing bounced over from the actual Pro Tools session we recorded it into. […]

Change the tempo. Add new loops. Chop up the vocals. Turn me into a woman. Replay the guitar. Anything you’d like.”

So, I downloaded it last night. When I get some free time, I’m going to try my hand at it. If I come up with something I like, I’ll post it in a Friday Music entry. Probably be a while, though.

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