Burffday weekend

and I went out to dinner (and ice cream!) with last night, which was Aces.

Quick clarification which came out of that conversation: For those of you attending a wedding next Saturday, please be aware that The Manor’s Midget Tiki Luau Birthday Bash is not limited to the afternoon. It *STARTS* at 2-ish, because we’re going to be doing cook-out-y stuff….but if you can’t make it until the evening, we’ll still be there, and would love to have you show up. As the invite says, until “whenever we steal your things and force you to leave.” I expect a late, late night. And Presents.

Speaking of presents: Got to spend the birthday check from Mom & Dad last night. Last year, it got me a scad of Hammer films on DVD. This year, I picked up: Three SIN CITY trade paperbacks (A Dame to Kill For; Family Values; and Booze, Broads, & Bullets), two Bernard Cornwell “SHARPE” novels (Sharpe’s Prey–which I used to own, but never finished since I lent it to ‘s ex-wife–and Sharpe’s Havoc), and the biggie: a 500-page tome called Film Noir: An Encyclopedic Reference to the American Style. Keen.

So, now, I can delete those from my wish list. (at least my US one. Goddamn Amazon doesn’t let you put stuff from their international stores on your wishlist. How the hell am I gonna list the Region 2 Blake’s 7 series DVDs?)

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