Superheroes and Gaming

This is aimed at you folks in the KC/Lawrence/Topeka corridor:

1) I’m a comics geek whose habit is now down to just the occasional trade-paperback purchase, which isn’t nearly enough.

2) I’m a gamer.

3) I’m a games publisher, who specifically will soon be producing adventures for the Mutants & Masterminds D20-based superhero RPG.

4) I’m gonna need playtesters for said adventures….

So, here’s the deal. I want to do some gaming this summer, and this would be a good chance to kill multiple birds with an area-of-effect energy blast. Anybody out there interested? Time and location is flexible…I just need willing victims participants….

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  1. I just might be, depending on time. I know, however, that the times I am free don’t tend to line up with others.

  2. DAMN. I was hoping to tempt you. As Gamemaster, I am willing to travel, ya know….. (tempt, tempt)

    The playtesting for M&M2e is already done…they’re prepping for an August release. That said, the adventures I’ll be publishing will be for the new edition, so that is the version I’ll be using. (Players will have to sign an NDA about the system until it’s published in August.)

  3. Believe me, it’s very tempting, I just can’t reconcile it with my schedule right now. Keep me posted when you start and I’ll see where I’m at.

    I’ve always thought M&M was brilliant. I expect M&M2e is even cooler.

  4. Thanks!

    More: Superhero Game. Uses the basic mechanics of D&D, but with no classes and no hit points (damage is done as a saving throw—you’re either stunned, knocked out, or you shrug it off. Just like a comic book). There’s more, of course, but that’s a brief “more.”

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