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So, naturally, I’m nearly done finishing this week’s entry, and I accidentally close the wrong window, deleting the whole fucking thing. ARGH.

Anyway, here goes again: More obscure tracks this time, in an effort to try to get back to the original concept of Friday Music (sharing stuff that you might not have heard).

First up, a cover of a classic James Brown tune by Middle Eastern vocalist Natacha Atlas. I first became aware of her via her cover of “You Only Live Twice” on David Arnold’s Bond remix album. She uses Arabic scales in her vocals, which, when mixed with western music, is haunting. Natacha Atlas – “This is a Man’s World.”

Here is some electronic-pop that I’ve discovered recently: Tiger Baby – “Shy”–not sure what to write about this. I haven’t completely nailed down what I like about it yet, other than the fact that I do. I think that it reminds me a bit of the sort of thing played over the end credits of Queer As Folk, which was mentioning last night.

I don’t think I’ve given this one to you yet…my favorite track from Welsh singer/songwriter Jem. She reminds me a bit of Dido, but I like her sampling choices a bit better. Such as this track: Jem – “They,” which includes what I can only assume is a snippet of a UK schoolyard chant.

Here’s an interesting track from the 80s which has more than a bit of relevance today. Funny how asshole Republican administrations have a certain string of commonality. Bruce Cockburn – “If I had a Rocket Launcher.” If you think of it in terms of the Middle East, rather than Central America, it’s depressing how little has changed in 20 years.

I’m a fan of certain kinds of hip-hop. Not the bling-bling, bitches-n-hoes, lowest common denominator crap that has passed for commercial hip-hop for the past decade or so, but rather the stuff with some inventiveness and musicality. I’m especially into the stuff with jazz-based hooks and vocals. Here’s a great example. Even if you “hate rap”, give this a listen. It might open your perceptions a bit as to what else is out there: K-OS – “Superstar.”

…and lastly, it’s been a while since I’ve plugged my own stuff, so here’s another of my “@nubis” tracks (this time inspired by a sample of dialog from Buckaroo Banzai–can’t go wrong with that.): @nubis – “8th Dimension.” Hope you like it.

There. Re-typed. Now if I can just get it entered without deleting it again……

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  1. Stupid windows closing…

    deleting your thingy….

    Way to have persistence though :)

    And thanks. I look forward to the music post every week!

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