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Getting to know you.
1.) 3 events from your life that have made you who you are, and how you think they changed you.
Weekends at my Grandma’s house…where she introduced me to the works of Tolkien, and my uncles introduced me to Star Trek. I was doomed to a life of geekdom after that.
The births of my children…everything changes for you. (A cliche, but true) For example, I realized during the birth of my first (16 years ago today, in fact) that I had been silently praying to the Goddess, without thinking about it….which made me realize that my faith was real, and not “just a phase.”
The realization, while hanging out with Laura, that it was possible to fall in love with a friend.

2.) 3 things that you would have trouble living without.
Creating (whether writing, music, performing, etc.).
People I care about obviously rank pretty high as well….but Creating is pretty much the biggie. I’m not going to bother to list anything else.

3.) 3 things about yourself that you don’t like. Would you change them?
My appearance. When I was young, I felt too gangly and gawky, and then, as I got older, I feel like the fat guy. I wish I was happier with how I look.
My rashness. I tend to act without thinking things through….usually comes in the form of speaking without thinking. The positive side of that is “quick-wittedness”…the negative side of it is having to deal with the consequences.
As it says in the Style Council song: “My Ever-Changing Moods.” Fairly sure I’m a manic depressive, at least to some extent. High highs and low lows. Don’t want to medicate, out of fear of what it will do to my creative side…I’ve seen too many friends on psychoactive perscriptions stop being themselves.

Getting to know all about you.
4.) If money were no object, what would you like to be doing with you life right now?
Not worrying about money, primarily.

5.) If you could choose two celebrities to be your parents who would they be?
Odd question. I’m pretty happy with the parents I’ve got, so I’ll pass.

6.) If you were to design a crest that described you, what would it be?
The crest that I had in the SCA was: Per Bend Sable and Azure, a Stag’s Head in Display Regardant Argent…which, for the non-blazon folks, means a field that’s diagonally black and blue, with a white stag’s head and antlers facing you in the middle of it.

The World.
7.) What about society as a whole gives you hope?
Pretty much nothing at all.

8.) What about society gives you fears?
The fact that ignorance is not only encouraged, but admired and rewarded.

9.) Things that you would like to see change in the city/town in which you live.
I’d like to see it secede from the rest of the state, with which it shares no similarities in culture or politics.

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