Friday Music

To start off with, a track specifically for and , as promised: Malvina Reynolds – “Little Boxes”. Currently being used as the theme to Showtime’s Weeds, and sung to unsuspecting children in times past, giving them a healthy disdain for suburbia.

The coolest bit of music in the score of the recent film version of Constantine: Brian Tyler and Klaus Bedelt – “Constantine End Titles.” Phrases from this music are used throughout the score, so the end titles are essentially a distillation of the entire thing, and I find it nifty.

Blast from the past time: Jesus & Mary Chain – “Head On.” Hadn’t heard this one in a while, and I’d forgotten how good it was.

Goofy blast from the past, especially for my UK readers: an early-seventies novelty record, utilizing a “trippy” version of the famous Doctor Who theme, with Rex-Harrison-esque spoken word by the star of the show: Jon Pertwee – “I Am The Doctor.” Love those lyrics!

While we’re on the subject of music tie-ins to odd TV shows, here’s the full vocal version of the music that served as the theme to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: Julee Cruise – “Falling.” I’ve always liked this single version, rather than the instrumental that started the show.

I’m sure some of you know this, whether through familiarity with the (fairly obscure) artist, or via the Volkswagen commercial from a few years back that used it: Nick Drake – “Pink Moon.”

Really obscure track here. As far as I know it was only used on the soundtrack to Silence of the Lambs (it was the music that played during the “I’d fuck me” mirror scene, that he did the bizarre little tucked-under dance to): Q Lazarus – “Goodbye Horses.”

One of my favorite tracks from Rob Zombie–you’ve gotta love any song that uses a sample of a porn orgasm as a rhythm instrument. Rob Zombie – “More Human Than Human.”

Lastly, because it was requested when I had posted the original Seals & Crofts version a few weeks back: Type O Negative – “Summer Breeze.” If the original brings to mind jasmine-scented evenings in July, this one is more the searing heat off the River Styx, blowing through the streets of Pandemonium.

9 Replies to “Friday Music”

  1. Cool stuff. I’d never heard of that Jon Pertwee track before.

    Type O Negative’s "Bloody Kisses" is one of my favorite albums ever. I never get tired of it.

  2. Wooo! Good choices!

    I am such a huge Nick Drake fan.

    I posted a song too, inspired by your Friday music, though maybe more for Laura than for you ;-)

  3. Funnily enough, I was listening to Bloody Kisses just yesterday, and marvelling at how good the Summer Breeze cover was. I particularly like the segue from Summer Breeze into Summer Girl … So, was October Rust as good as Bloody Kisses(because Slow, Deep and Hard sure wasn’t)?

  4. Yay Friday Music!

    I also love the fact that when I played “Little boxes”, my Windows Media Player just happened to start a pattern that was all little boxes.

    And Jon Pertwee’s number is strongly reminiscent of Vincent Price on Thriller.

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