Stage Show Changes….

So, I just checked the schedule for this weekend (which just went up), and I’m really happy to note that our schedule for the weekend has changed.

Gone is the 11:30 show at Merlin’s Berm,

in favor of:

an 11:40 show at the Crown and Rose!

Woot! Yay! Much better stage! No clump of dirt!

13 Replies to “Stage Show Changes….”

  1. Bitch. Me and my cousins (all thirty of em, ‘cept for the twelve that are pregnant..again) are gonna do a drive-by in my el camino and bust a cap in yo cracka ass.

  2. We were in the lanes, at the Pub (when we had a real pub), the Royal Pavillion, and the Da Vinci Crane (aka the “ANVIL OF GOD” for it’s all-day solar exposure) in ’91 and ’92. ’93-’95 we were on the Ship. At the end of ’95 we broke up, taking ’96 off, but missed it by the time KCRF rolled around that year, so we came back in ’97. They put us on the fucking Berm all day, every day. After busting ass that year, in ’98 they finally let us back on our stage. I can completely relate with your desire to get off the Berm. I try to block it out when I’m up at the gate each morning.

  3. Yeah, how did that go?

    For how much better that stage is, I’m sure you liked it a heck of a lot more, whether or not the crowds increased. I had to do a show on that stage last year. Fortunately, due to it being a music show, we were able to stay on the front edge or in front of the stage itself. I must say that I really enjoy our bitch sessions at 3 every day. They certainly help me muddle through the rest of the day.:)

  4. Re: Yeah, how did that go?

    Saturday was good. Sunday was dead, because the entire audience seating area was baking in the sun.

    Ah well–I was told that our stage assignments will be changing drastically from here on out, due to travelling groups (Puke & Snot, etc.) coming in.

  5. Re: Yeah, how did that go?

    PLEASE tell me that you’re kidding about them spending the money on Puke & Snot. Remind me to tell you a funny story about the last time they were here and the add they used in the KC Star. He he he.

  6. Re: Yeah, how did that go?

    Nope. Not kidding, and it will probably bump us off the Robin Hood stage (which has been our best-attended show.)

  7. Of course.

    That’s where they put them the last time they were in town. They’ll be amplified, too, I’m sure. Well, good luck. Any idea when they’ll be here?

  8. Re: Yeah, how did that go?

    LMC had to share it with them last year, performing (without mics) on stage while P&S sat in the back in lawnchairs reading the paper. Oh yeah, and they got to try and explain to disappointed fans when P&S blew-off their last show and left because the weather was a little drippy on the last day, last year.

    I remember when P&S were first at KCRF and they were a ball to play with, but then it was a completely different pair of performers. At one time they had a traveling pair of performers as well as the original pair. I think it is the original pair we get now.

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