Wasn’t Expecting That….

So I went to check out the KCRF Performer’s page…..not for any real reason, mind you. I tend to check it once a week or so, to make sure that I’m not missing any announcements.

What should I see at the top of the page:

I remember posing for that photo, and I had wondered what became of it. I wasn’t expecting to see it used as one of the revolving images on the Performer’s site, though. Kinda cool.

EDIT: Although, now that I look at the image…..Green! Yellow! Blue! Red! We’re the Rennie Rangers!

7 Replies to “Wasn’t Expecting That….”

  1. Your costumes were some of the best out there for a stage show, IMO. You could read everything you guys were doing, even from waaaay in the back.

    I loved your show.

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