Hilarious and Much-Needed Perspective

(Seen in various UK entries on my Friends page)

Heh. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking it.

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  1. Sadly its just another function of the ADD that seems to effect all humans alike. If its shiny or gross, stand and stare.

    Sorry to hear the whale died but they say whales know when they are going to die, now that I think about it so did my Grandma Kelly. Humm so I guess the whale was traveling to its version of the living room couch to pass away.

    And the circle of death is complete.

  2. That’s fightin’ talk!

    Funny stuff; and, Police-Squadesquely, it pays to look at all the detail. Though I suspect the author thinks whales are fish, re the stop breathing thing.

  3. we like…

    animals better than people because their problems seem easier to solve. & we can pretend they’re grateful when we solve them. They’re also easier to ignore when it’s inconvenient for us to help them.

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