Excellent Summation of the Wiretap Issue

The New York Times has an excellent editorial today, summarizing the Wiretap issue in a point-for-point refutation of the Administration’s talking points on the topic.

Read and absorb….this is an excellent primer for anyone who is tired of hearing the Conservative apologists’ outrageous lies about this issue.

Naturally, it’s from the NYT, and hence will be immediately discounted as “liberal media bias” by Conservatives, too blind in their devotion to this criminal to consider the damage being done to our country.

One Reply to “Excellent Summation of the Wiretap Issue”

  1. The right-wingers have gotten really good at selling their bullshit as truth. I fear that just telling the truth is completely meaningless anymore. The phony “liberal media conspiracy” that the wingnuts shriek about needs to become real before anything good can happen.

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