Wicca: America’s Fastest Growing Religion

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A survey on religious identification in the US. Fairly interesting, especially this bit:

“The fastest growing religion (in terms of percentage) is Wicca — a Neopagan religion that is sometimes referred to as Witchcraft. Numbers of adherents went from 8,000 in 1990 to 134,000 in 2001. Their numbers of adherents are doubling about every 30 months.”

The survey points out that figuring numbers on the pagan population is notoriously difficult, as it is an “underground” religion, whose proponents often keep a very low profile to avoid attacks from an uninformed public….so in other words, the numbers above are most likely lower than actual figures.

Also interesting to note a 9.7% drop in those identifying as Christians over the past 11 years.

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  1. Thank you very much sir for providing me with the first bit of good news I’ve had all week. Ah. Feels good.

    (*ahem* Hey Gareth I enjoy your LJ from time to time, particularly the Friday Music thingems. Hope you don’t mind. – Deborah)

  2. a 9.7% drop in those identifying as Christians over the past 11 years

    Yeah, they’re all becoming pagans. Seriously. I did!

    Only 8,000 in 1990? Their numbers are waaaaaay low. Hell, there were at least 40 in the Lawrence/Topeka/KC area alone in 1991/1992.

  3. Only 8,000 in 1990? Their numbers are waaaaaay low.

    Agreed. I know the Student Pagan Alliance at the University of Texas (Austin) (which I was a member of back in ’90) was only a small representative sample of Wiccans, Druids, pagans and otherwise in the rest of the city, and we had a decently large group.

  4. My godsons, with no prompting from anyone, decided that they wanted to study Wicca. This was several years ago and they are now 8 and 9. I think its rising up in the collective consiousness.

    I have never had any problems with people knowing I’m pagan though I admit I’m careful who I tell and how much. Similarly to the poly conversation. Its gotten easier over the years to be different because its becoming more known and, not really accepted as norm but at least more accepted as not dangerous. We lead lives just like everybody else. The wackos are being seen more and more as exceptions and not to be taken seriously.

    This is perhaps the reason I feel so f***ing irritated at this schmuck who’s running for govenor here. Vampire my ass, and being Wiccan I will freely say he doesn’t speak for me not matter what he thinks.

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