We’ve been re-watching the 2005 season of Doctor Who with , every Wednesday after indulging in fashionista bitchiness and drama with Project Runway.

We’re 8 episodes in — just watched Father’s Day last night. I am pleased to note that the series holds up to repeated viewing rather well.

Damn, I can’t wait until the Sci-Fi Channel starts showing this series, more of you are converted, and I can finally discuss and squee about it!

(It also occurs to me that by the time SFC is done with their run of the first season, I’ll already have the second season….so I expect that viewing parties will be in order.)

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  1. Wish I were able to squee about this one… I never have seen Dr. Who old or new. I keep hearing people talk about it and I think I’d like it I’ve never had the chance to though. Hmm, maybe that could be a plan for Sunday when I’m in town…

  2. Jen and I discovered by accident last weekend that the Sci Fi Channel is one of 3 new channels just added to our basic cable package. We’re happy as clams.

  3. Not yet. The show was brought back to the BBC after a 16-year hiatus last spring. Sci-Fi Channel in the US has only just signed a deal to show it here starting this March.

  4. Whovian from way back.

    I have somehow managed to stay spoiler free so far of the Eccleston incarnation and haven’t even downloaded any of the episodes. I’m looking forward to catching them all on Sci-Fi and then the idea of a season 2 viewing party sounds delightful.

  5. No, there’s not a new Doctor every season. The fictional format allowed for the replacement of the actor by saying that when the Doctor’s body is damaged, he regenerates every cell in his body (which results in a new appearance and a new personality). The actors usually stay for longer than a single season. There have been 10 to date:

    William Hartnell was the first Doctor, from 1963-1966.

    Patrick Troughton was the second Doctor, from 1966-1969.

    Jon Pertwee was the third Doctor, from 1970-1974.

    Tom Baker was the fourth Doctor, from 1974- 1981.

    Peter Davison was the fifth Doctor, from 1982-1984.

    Colin Baker was the sixth Doctor, from 1984-1986.

    Sylvester McCoy was the seventh Doctor, from 1987-1989.

    Then, after 26 seasons, the show was cancelled.

    In 1996, there was a one-shot movie made for American TV (by FOX), which was a pilot for a new series. In it, the seventh Doctor regenerated into the eight Doctor, played by Paul McGann.

    The series wasn’t picked up, though. McGann’s Doctor continued in novels and CD-based audio plays.

    The new series was launched by the BBC in 2005, featuring Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor, but he announced that he was only doing one season (which kinda acted as a spoiler for his eventual fate, but also kinda lent a sense of meloncholy to his character as well).

    At the end of the season, the Doctor regenerated, and now the 10th Doctor is David Tennant, who has signed a multi-year contract (I’ve heard at least 3 years). His first episode (a special Christmas one-shot) has already aired (it’s brilliant), and the new season is set to begin in the UK right around the same time that the 2005 season will be airing on the Sci-Fi Channel.

    Wow….that was a long post. See what happens when you get me talking about the show?

  6. well, I appreciate the detail. I had spent some time on the link you provided in your post, with Eccleston and Tennant both, and was just a bit confused.

    Feeling much less so now.

    I love love love Christopher Eccleston. Just, ya know.. sayin.

  7. I thought Chris was a brilliant Doctor. I was very sad to learn he was leaving at the end of the season. I haven’t seen the Christmas episode yet. That’s on my list of things to acquire.

    I should go rewatch the 2005 season again. I think it’s time. :)

  8. Same here, and I would have loved to see him stick around. However, the fact that he left so quickly lends his interpretation of the Doctor a very “Tragic Hero” feel, which added emotional weight to some of the elements that were scripted for him, and was very very nifty.

  9. oh yes yes yes, it is so good, and I am loving having experts to annotate the shows for me- all good all around.

    The show is written so well that I can even forgive the girls horrid roots, and track suits. hee hee…

  10. squee to me, baby…

    I’m a bigger fan now than I ever was, thanks to good writing & Mr. Eccleston. Glad to hear Mr. Tennant is working out. VERY MUCH looking forward to the new season, hope my friend here (from whom I borrowed the last) will be grabbing this one too, otherwise I’m screwed.

    “Just a little more versatile when it comes to dancing.” ;-)

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