The Latest Episode of “As the Shotgun Turns….”

The 78-year-old is back in intensive care. Local law enforcement have said that under the law, even an accidental hunting fatality can result in criminal charges. Mr. Cheney could be charged with negligence. The White House has changed its tone from joking about it, to blustering to reporters about wanting to move on “to the priorities of the American people”, rather than continue to answer questions.

…and here’s the interesting bit:

Rumors have broken that the delay in notification about the event might have been due to an effort to hide or spin the presense of a female companion with Cheney (Pamela Willford, the ambassador to Switzerland–initially identified only as “the third hunter.”) Basically, Cheney and Whittington went hunting with two women (not their wives), there was some drinking, and Whittington wound up shot.

I would laugh my ass off if, after every bit of evidence of major crimes by this administration continued to pass by, ignored by the media…..that it was finally a Lewinsky-esque scandal of sex, booze and guns that finally took these schmucks down.

Karma’s a bitch, innit?

4 Replies to “The Latest Episode of “As the Shotgun Turns….””

  1. finally a Lewinsky-esque scandal of sex, booze and guns that finally took these schmucks down

    I think that’s all the American Public really understands these days, anyway.

  2. When the Public knows how to react to a sitch without thinking, that is when you know they will act.
    That is why the quickest route to public action is to offend someone’s habit, not their thought.


    And a quote, for fun:
    He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave. ~William Drummond, Academical Questions

  3. Karma, she is a bitch in razor point steel stilleto heel boots.

    When she steps on your throat, you know know exactly why and how you got there.

    In Cheney’s case it was always going to be hubris that eventually brought him down. Hubris over exactly what was used against Clinton would be only fitting, really.


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