5 Replies to “You Can’t Make This Shit Up, Part Umpteen”

  1. This does not surprise me in the least. We have lawyers here who have not moved into the digital age. These are people who have an entire bureaocracy set up to tell them when they get information they need to know. They have people to read their mail, their email, their briefings etc. and directly digest it to them.

    Stupid at some levels, but by the same token, can you imagine how much information gets sent to these people on a daily basis?


  2. Ditto what Red said, and from long, bitter experience, the reluctance of several DoD officials to use e-mail because it “provides a record that could be scrutinized…” yeah, I grok. It would be like having all your phone calls taped. No…wait….um…

  3. To be any more backward it would require the Russians, 90 year old premier and a utility dolly, and I think that Chernyenko was still more in touch that these bozos. 20-25 minutes from the command center? He fucking walks down there? In 20 minutes one can have one hell of a useful meeting. Get these guys a blackberry and…

    Shove it up their ass until they are spitting bytes. This is major fucked up.

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