Doc Frankenstein

I’ve read the first four issues now, and I want to heartily recommend this title:

Published by a new company, Burlyman Entertainment, Doc Frankenstein is, essentially, the Frankenstein monster as Doc Savage.

Created by Geoff Darrow and Steve Skroce, drawn by Skroce and written by The Wachowski Brothers (yes, The Matrix Wachowskis), this series features Frankenstein’s monster as the hero….an immortal who moved to “the land of the free” soon after the events of Shelley’s novel, and has fought evil ever since….and all the while fighting for his own life against Christian fanatics who view him as the devil incarnate.

This is Frankenstein as an Edisonade science-hero, fighting the forces of evil on one hand, and the forces of primitive superstition and ignorance on the other. Plus, his immortality allows for some nice Highlander-esque historical flashbacks. Really excellent stuff.

If you go to the website, you can view previews of each issue, as well as desktop art. Go check it out.

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