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  1. That is very cool.

    I have to wonder, though, how it would fair in inclement weather, particularly high winds. Do you suppose the engines will provide enough thrust to counter cross-winds effectively? I know they say it will have a top speed of 174 mph, but I think a strong head- or cross-wind could hamper its progress or maneuverability significantly.

  2. Man, I always get my hopes up when I hear about new airships, and then they get cruelly dashed.

    Which won’t stop me hoping this time either. Damn that looks cool. And such a civilized way to travel.

  3. There’s a couple of companies (at least) working on this concept. One of them that I read about a few years ago is actually only about 30 miles away from where I live so I keep glancing up at the sky in hope! :p

    New Scientist had a really interesting article on this idea 2-3 years ago too which I enjoyed so much I’ve incorportaed it into a game I’m working on/off on.

  4. I would _so_ fly in that thing everywhere, even if it took five times as long, instead of in a fixed-wing plane. Saw it in Popular Science last month, too. Cool!

  5. The Times last week had an article on two firms in Akron Ohio that are working on airships. It included a picture of a small prototype being built by a large aerospace firm in a corner of the very large blimp hanger and another of the scale prototype being built in a field by two enthusiasts. The second prototype looked similiar to the design above, only with more fins and without the directional thrusters aft.

    Apparently the military has a renewed interest in airships as high elevation electronics platforms. I have heard reports of the blimps over Baghdad, but I haven’t seen any pictures.

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